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Why Purple Feather?

Each year thousands of people come across our threshold. Of all the questions our guests ask, this one is asked the most:

Where did the name Purple Feather come from?

The answer is not as easy as you think but here goes:

Purple Feather was born with 13 little words I whispered on vacation with my family Peter, Nate & Rachel in 2001. "What would it be like to open an X-Rated Chocolate shop in Provincetown?"

I had been a chocolatier for 13 years operating my chocolate shop from our small farm located North of Boston and not only was it a dream to grow my business, but of how exciting it would be to have a location in a beautiful beach area. So with simple words began the adventure of a lifetime.

But how do you name a business? How do you give it a persona and life of its own?

"I knew I wanted something alluring, tantalizing and just a tad risque. Something that would lighten your mood and make your day a little sweeter."

Many names were suggested and passed around; “Annie's Candies” and “Naughty Annie's Confectionery” were among the top contenders, but we just didn't feel they were something we could grow on.

Then, while meditating on this concept, the idea "light as a feather" crossed my mind and that if I handed you a feather you would not say no and remember it as a special gift.

With Purple being my favorite color I looked at Peter one morning over coffee and said "So, how about 'Purple Feather?'" "Hmm..." he said "I think I like that!"

Some time later, as if by magic, my brother, not aware of our new found idea, sent me a file of some of his favorite family photographs and lo & behold a beautiful picture of my grandparents, whom had passed away many years earlier, making a toast with their glasses of beer raised and my grand mother wearing a fun party hat with a large purple feather plume.

Taking it as a sign of love and positive reinforcement, thinking they may just have been toasting their granddaughter for her new chocolate shop, The Purple Feather was born. As was the practice of passing out Purple Feathers with every gift box of chocolate, sending love and tantalizing treats around the world. Peter & I hope you enjoy what we have created here. It has grown in leaps and bounds and all of our tasty treats are made in house, by loving hands of those who care. “Cheers!”

Wishing you a sweet day,
Ann Okun