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Going Green

With a life time of living in and around nature Ann and I are of course very concerned about our carbon foot print and what we can do to minimize it.

When we first opened Purple Feather Cafe & Treatery we ourselves were appalled at the waste our business generated. Plastic cups for gelato, plastic utensils and plates, Styrofoam cups for coffee and electric power generated by coal fired generators. Back then we thought what can we do? It turns out a lot.

Today Purple Feather uses paper cups for gelato and coffee to go which have a smaller carbon foot print than plastics.

For in house service we now use glass dishes, glasses, metal utensils, wire baskets, china dishware, ceramic plates and mugs all reusable and when washed in our high temperature energy efficient dishwasher have a fraction of the carbon foot print then disposables.

95% of the lighting in the cafe has been converted to energy conserving LED.

And now we have teamed up with Verde Energy Company who supply us with 100% renewable electricity to run our entire operation.

When we add it up we have reduced our carbon foot print nearly 75% since we opened in 2007. It's a small drop in the global bucket but we all need to start somewhere.