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The Purple Feather

Cafe Hours:
Open Daily 11 AM till 9 PM
Friday & Saturday till 12 AM

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The Purple Feather Makes great Lattes
At The Purple Feather we go to great lengths to serve you the best coffee, teas, and hot chocolate.

We are diligent in the preparation of our coffee drinks. We meticulously measure the coffee for every pot or shot, and of course we select the highest quality beans. Our coffee comes from George Howell Coffee (formerly of the "Coffee Connection") in Acton, MA. George Howell has fostered close relationships with the farmers who produce his beans, and so they are certified Direct Trade. We have personally selected our Costa Rican coffee because it has a rich "chocolaty" taste which doesn't get bitter as it cools, making it fantastic iced as well as hot. Bring your own mug or glass for a Earth saving discount.

Our teas are likewise of the finest quality. Supplied by Mem Tea Importers of Somerville, MA, these teas have been rated some of the best in the US. We buy our teas loose leaf, and spoon them into individual tea bags, for the freshest and highest quality brew. We also brew our own Chai and House Blend Ice Teas- in small batches and never from a mix.

The Purple Feather Hot Chocolate

Finally, what would The Purple Feather be with out "The Best Hot Chocolate You Have Ever Had." We steam your choice of fresh milk, and melt your choice of real dark, milk or white chocolate into it for a deep rich flavor with which other hot chocolates cannot compete. If you like, we can top it with real whipped cream, made fresh daily.

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