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Welcome to The Purple Feather online store. We use Paypal shipping cart so you can order chocolate from us securely. All orders are shipped with our fine gift boxes, with ribbon and a purple feather. For most orders we offer flat rate shipping of 9.99 that includes: Fast USPS ground shipping, extra padding that is needed to ensure your chocolate arrives undamaged, and a cold pack if the season requires it. Some heavy orders may have higher shipping.

A note about the percentage of Cacao in our products:

When the cacao bean is processed it yields two products:

       •Cacao liquor is pure unsweetened chocolate that is often sold as baking chocolate.
       •Cacao butter is the primary ingredient in white chocolate.

When you buy a piece of chocolate from The Purple Feather or any where it is often sold with a % of cacao. This % is the combination of cacao liquor and cacao butter in the chocolate. Many people believe that the % of cacao refers to just the cacao liquor.  They think the scale looks something like this:

wrong cacao graph

In fact, chocolate is not that simple.

White Chocolate is chocolate with no cacao liquor, but it still might have a % cacao because it has cacao butter in it.
  The Purple Feather’s primary white chocolate is 24% cacao.

Milk Chocolate can have a wide range of % cacao liquor and cacao butter. Milk chocolate's defining characteristic is of course milk.
  The Purple Feather uses milk chocolate that ranges from 34% cacao up to 60% cacao.

Dark Chocolate has a high % cacao and traditionally no milk, however chocolate can still be considered dark with up to 12% milk solids.
  The Purple Feather’s dark chocolate ranges from 50% cacao  up to 79% cacao and contains no milk unless otherwise noted,
  as in the case of the dark chocolate truffle.

online special
Acticoa Pearls: High Antioxidant Chocolate


Chocolate is relaxing. It's calming. It soothes our nerves and makes us feel good. It provides a gentle, smooth, sensual stimulation, mild antidepressant qualities and a general increase in feelings of well being. Yes, chocolate makes you feel like you're in LOVE! And yet, we often think of it as a sinful indulgence. But it doesn't have to be. If you choose your chocolate wisely, you can enjoy it without the guilty feelings we normally associate with it.

The Purple Feather is now carrying Acticoa healthy chocolates. Acticoa processing preserves 80% of natural cacao flavanols, which act as antioxidants, making it both healthy and delicious. Acticoa is an intensely rich, smooth and flavorful 65% dark chocolate with a pleasingly bitter finish.

880 mg. of flavanols per 40 gram recommended serving.
Vegan friendly

1/2 Lb. for 7.99

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