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Cape Cod Devilish Desserts - Purple Feather
The Purple Feather

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Open Daily 11 AM till 9 PM
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The Purple Feather has the best cupcakes in Provincetown, MA
A devilish delight, dessert at the Purple Feather.

The Purple Feather has a breathtaking selection of desserts and confections: cakes dripping with chocolate, fruit pies and tarts, and smooth cheesecakes which linger on the taste buds. Or, if you're craving something simpler, we always have the classics: chocolate chunk brownies, chocolate croissants, and fresh baked cookies, including the old favorite, chocolate chip.

At the Purple Feather you can also find the famous, or infamous, red velvet cupcake. A deep red moist crumb, both topped and filled with cream cheese frosting, this cupcake is our most famous and popular. But don't dismiss our other flavors! All of our cupcakes are made on the premises for ultimate freshness.

The only way to improve this experience is to top it off with one of our delicious coffee drinks.

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